Welcome To Jait Enterprises

Jait is a one-of-a-kind export company looking to introduce to the Indian market a variety of unique Canadian woods and chickpeas.
Our woods will amaze you with their ability to balance tradition while embracing new trends.
Wood exports are based in Canada, and we are eager to put our woods into the interior designing of buildings and making quality furniture. Our chickpeas will be available for retail suppliers at stores throughout India.
Our portfolio consists predominantly of woods and chickpeas from Canada that produce in limited quantities with the best quality. We have searched worldwide and found some unique Canadian woods and chickpeas from the Alberta region.
Our work still needs to be completed. We will continue to bring you more unique woods from all over the world.
Our Woods

Our Woods

Our Woods

Our Woods

We are always searching for new producers and award-winning brands scored by master sommeliers.
Core Features

Trusted & Reliable in the field of export

Softwood Lumber

We export softwood lumber from Canada to India using safe packaging and shipping methods to ensure it arrives undamaged in India. Canada is a significant producer and exporter of softwood lumber around the globe. Softwood lumber makes for 20% of Canada's wood products export value. Softwood lumber serves the purpose of manufacturing houses.

Sawn Wood

Canada sends most of its sawn wood to India and is the world's largest exporter of sawn timber. This export activity will also include our company. We ensure that sawn wood is exported at competitive costs while retaining its shape, texture, and fragrance.

The top 3 Product Categories of Sawn wood We Export from Canada to India are:

  • 01

    Canadian Lumber - (Yellow Cedar Select Tight Knot Rgh Kd/Ht-Chamaecyparis Nootkatensis) (Sawn Wood)
  • 02

    Canadian Lumber ( Yellow Cedar Select Tight Knot Rgh Kd / Ht) (Sawn Wood) ( O/D As Per Inv,Pl & Bl)
  • 03

    Douglas Fir Kd-Ht 2x6 F8 Btr S4see (Sawn Wood)

Chickpea Exporters

We are the exporters of Kabuli and Desi chickpeas in Calgary. The chickpea exporters in Calgary are exporting different varieties of chickpeas available in Alberta. There are broadly two varieties of chickpeas known as “Kabuli” and “Desi.” Chickpea exporters from Canada include both these varieties and many more. We export premium-quality chickpeas from Canada.


We ship bulk desi chickpeas from Canada. Desi-type flowers are little and colourful.


Kabuli is big plants with white flowers. The Kabuli variety makes for the vast bulk of chickpeas farmed in Alberta.